To our Valued and Future Customers,

Thank you for your interest in our line of heel protectors and new products.

FPH GALA has been a manufacturer of premium quality heel protectors since 2008 and was born as a result of the lack of a well fitting durable product on the market. We are dancers and have been involved in that world for many years. As competitors, we were very demanding and required a help protector we could trust and rely on. Unfortunately, there was no product to live up to our expectations in appearance, functionality, or durability. We found that many other professional dancers had the same problem. We decided to take a risk and offer the type of product we demanded. We have made premium quality our number one priority.

In 2017, we introduced new products to the offer – shoe brushes for the leather bottoms of dance shoes and ballet protectors for the pointes. The process of developing and providing proper heel protectors is a long one, from choosing the proper materials, research and design of new models the fit correctly, to producing the final product at a reasonable price. Our process is devoted to making customer satisfaction - our most important objective.

We’ve created a good team, everyone has a specific and important role to fulfill. We focus on precision in the performance of products and their highest quality. We approach each client's needs individually.

We encourage you to please visit our website for additional information. Should you require samples or product to review please contact us at your convenience.

Thank you again. We look forward to being your premier heel protector source.